Tuesday, 25 October 2011


1. The skin is a sensory organ that gives us our sense of touch. It can detect stimuli such
as touch, pain, pressure, heat and cold.

2. The skin has five different receptor;
2.1 The touch receptor – sensitive to slight pressure
2.2 The pain receptor – sensitive to pain
2.3 The heat receptor – sensitive to heat
2.4 The cold receptor – sensitive to cold
2.5 The pressure receptor – sensitive to heavy pressure

3. The sensitivity of skin depend on;
a) How close together the receptor are
    Example : the lips and fingertips are very sensitive to touch due to the large
    concentration of touch receptor.
b) How deep the receptor are
    Example : The receptor with thick epidermis are less sensitive. The epidermis on the neck is thinner than    
    that on the knee. So neck more sensitive than the skin at the knee.
c) The sense of touch is very important to the blind because it helps them to identify
    object and feel their way around and to reads book in Braille .

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